Portugal, a Great Little Country

Un film de Pierre Cavale et Christiane Litalien

Long métrage documentaire
Durée : 95 min.
Année : 2016
Scénario, direction-photo, entrevues, narration,
interviewer, Music (research and composition)
montage, co-réalisation et co-production
Pierre Cavale
Co-director and Co-producer, Art director, Researcher,
illustrations, animation, co-réalisation et co-production
Christiane Litalien

© 2016 – Pure coïncidence Films, Christiane Litalien et Pierre Cavale

Portugal… This little country harbours so much beauty and magnificence that a whole life would not be long enough to embrace it all. Through their journey, Christiane Litalien and Pierre Cavale have opened up to a cultural heritage built on centuries of conquests and invasions: Roman remains, Celtic megaliths, Moorish and Baroque rococo arts, medieval fortresses, as well as some of the most beautiful street art works in the world!

Interview given in French by Pierre Cavale on Radio-Canada Première when the film has been broadcaster in Northern Québec.